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How you can benefit from cooperation with us:

  • Inspection of IT by certified technicians with long-term experience
  • Comparison with “Best Practices”
  • Complexity – checkup of a complete infrastructure and all equipment
  • Presentation of results and proposal for improvement

IT Audit:

  • Computer situation checkup (hw, sw, licenses, security setup, antivirus, firewall, upgrading,…)
  • Server situation checkup (hw, sw, licenses, security, configuration, backup, setup of authorizations and users, existence of the disaster recovery plan, …)
  • Network situation/server room checkup (network security, Wi-Fi, suitable equipment, stability, signal intensity, network elements, server room situation, cabling, UPS, network map, …).
  • Work with IT checkup (data localization, internal regulations/procedures for working with IT and company data, users´ basic security habits, passwords, users´ logging off, …).

IT security audit:

  • Current security situation analysis – defined by a client or legislation.
  • Identification of possible risks and check-up of quality and effectivity of introduced measures.
  • Detailed list of findings and assessment and classification of potential risks.
  • Proposing a higher level of information security.
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Roman Bradiak

Roman Bradiak

senior audit manager
tel: +421 918 990 057
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