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Hurican systems logotype

By launching a new web, we would like to present to you a new or updated logo of our company.

Products from Hurican

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Selected references

We have been cooperating with Hurican company for several years. In addition to the administration of computers and servers, they implemented for us several technical projects, each with a very professional result. We also appreciate that in case of need they are ready to solve problems also during holidays and weekends.

Peter Kollárovits

IT manager

We have been cooperating with Hurican for 5 years. During that period, the company proved to be a real professional in server administration and HW in general. After moving to a new building, we have been using a network infrastructure implemented and tailored to our needs by Hurican. We are also satisfied with their operative support on which we can rely.

Matthias Sturm

IT & Data Processing Manager

We have been using Hurican´s services for several years. We are satisfied with their work. The company´s technicians are professionals, they respond promptly to our needs, moreover, they come with proposals for improvement by themselves. We will gladly cooperate with Hurican in the coming years.

Mgr. Eduard Kolárik


We have been using Hurican´s services for several years. Their services are qualified, fast. They respond to our possible problems promptly and with patience.

RNDr. Z. Halax

patent director

We have been cooperating with Hurican longer than a year. I particularly appreciate their flexibility, as the technologies we are working with and install are extraordinary and the equipment configuration itself is not simple. In addition to installation works, Hurican also provides for installation support in numerous branch plants thanks to which we can rely on a timely solution of our clients´ problems.

M. Duda

Production Director

Information technologies are nowadays inseparable part of our lives – it is absolutely unimaginable to provide for a company´s effective functioning without them. On the other hand, for a layman in this area, communication with PC may make an impression of a comedy which, unsurprisingly, does not end with laughter. Therefore, we have entrusted IT care and administration to professionals. Thank you, Hurican, we are satisfied with your services and trust you.

M. Srdos

Financial Controller