What are the risks of the internet of things (IOT)?

Advances in electronics, informatics and technology bring new devices, applications and solutions almost daily that should make life easier for us in both private and professional spheres. We are also witnessing an exponential growth in the interconnection of these devices and applications. In addition to bringing an undeniable number of benefits, this trend is also a source of new risks that need not be neglected. Risks to privacy, data confidentiality and cyber security are no longer limited to computers. Any device that has an IP address and is connected to the Internet may be exposed to external threats. In this context, we provide some tips on how to protect yourself against online attacks that threaten Internet-connected devices.

Encryption and security

Ask the manufacturer, supplier, or IT management firm what level of encryption and security levels your devices use to transmit or receive sensitive data. Encryption is especially important when personal or sensitive business data may be transmitted that should not be leaked to the public. While no technology is insurmountable, companies using multilevel security systems and high levels of encryption minimize the possibility of attacks and leaks of sensitive data. Therefore, we recommend that you detect encryption and security flaws as soon as possible to avoid the financial and other losses that potential attacks can bring.

Security processes at the supplier

We recommend that you find out what security processes device and technology vendors use to develop software and internet-connected devices to reduce the risk of security threats. Large reputable companies use security processes to ensure that best practices are used in software and product development. On the other hand, smaller companies may have shortcomings in this area. Therefore, information about their processes is very important when choosing a supplier.

Protection of your information with your partners

Do you know how your partners use, protect and share your information? This is especially important for new voice-controlled and AI-enabled devices. These devices are designed to learn about us and our needs in order to make our lives easier. But on the other hand, they are also programmed to help companies sell more products. Therefore, they can become the target of attacks aimed at getting information about your life, family and your shopping history.

All these technologies affect our private and professional lives. If you want to know more about the potential risks arising from IoT for your business, please contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions and propose solutions for greater security of your devices and data.